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Not new or fresh....START [04 Feb 2016|12:45pm]
I CHOOSE TO START MOVING TODAY!! Actively take part in my life. Not to just exist, because I exist. I know all the self help quotes, moto's and sayings. The words can't make action. I am choosing and following through, starting with small little changes, baby steps. I will find the ME that I was meant to be and will be. I do not necessarily want to be the "OLD or NEW" me. I want to be a better than I am today "ME".
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Difference in time [04 Feb 2016|12:39pm]
Time before May 2006, moved Very fast in my opinion. The morning of May 25, 2006 time felt weird, I wasn't sure what was different about it, I remember laying in bed staring at the clock, like a freeze frame within the moment and time started to slow for me... Everything around me was moving in real time, but my eyes and senses were different time zone so to say. Why this day, I would surely find out later. No it was no Armageddon, that would imply that the whole world would be ending, but My world was forever altered. The choice was made to stay home and cut school once again. (TERRIBLE decision). She came home early from work which is as Rare as a Dinosaur fossil. Angry that I cut school yet again. Yelling, yelling, Angry, Rage, Hurt, DISTRUST. After that she went to lay down, she had a head ache. I don't remember too much detail about the morning time and early afternoon about that day. I know I didn't fix my hair, or brush my teeth or even change out of my house clothes. I remember my cousins coming home from school. T sat around the table and started his homework promptly and V popped a buritto in the microwave and then turned on the TV. Not knowing those moments were the last of normalcy.


9 Birthdays without the woman who gave birth to me, almost 10 complete years since I have heard her voice. At least that's what the calendar says. It just now feels like it happened a few months ago. After the first year it felt like only a few days had passed. Couple years later maybe a few weeks had passed. My concept of time is completely different the the world around me. So that should have given me a better appreciation of time. I see the world moving so fast around me, yet I don't want to move at there speed. Time is constantly racing...but against who? I am holding onto a lot of feelings and emotions. In time I hope to find balance and understanding along with acceptance. Maybe one day I will write a short story or a novel, then turn it into a show or a movie. Maybe I will have a message to share with the world. Time will tell. Time is something we can't touch. We can see what time of day it is by where the sun is in the sky, we know what time of year it is by the seasons changing, we may feel the effects of time on our bodiesl, but never just time itself.
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Start [04 Feb 2016|12:02pm]
In all honesty, I am not happy. I am past the point of blaming others or events that have occurred for my unhappiness. I have started holding more things in and trying to let things "roll of my shoulders". I have so many times things that I would like to accomplish and most of which I would loved to have accomplished by now. 26 years old... So far my greatest accomplishment is graduating high school and not having a bunch of children with random men. I would have loved to have completed my bachelors years ago and now possibly be working on my masters degree. I would love to be neck deep into the entertainment industry as well has making a helpful difference within a community. I would like to be in less debt, but I think that is the general American hope. My body and weight so COMPLETELY out of whack. My goodness, I am a stress eater, I know that about myself, along with chronic procrastination and self loathing. I would love to still be recreationally ice skating but still learning new tricks. Dancing...oh boy do I really miss that thrill. The feeling of being one with music and movement. Joining a small bowling league would be fun as well. Being involved in a "home-like" church would be wonderful as well.
The life I live in head in quite wonderful, but If I want to see at least some of the things I invisioned for myself come true in any capacity, I need to DO IT! Start somewhere and stop making excuses and putting other things ahead. God would have not given me or anyone the capability to dream and have aspirations if they weren't possible to come true. Although he does have the final say, but I can still make preparations for the GREAT plan he has for me.
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Welcome to College life! [03 Sep 2008|03:52pm]
Well yes...people I have been on LJ since 7th grade and now Im currently a freshman in College...may not be the college of my dreams however I will get there in good time. But for now Im at the NEw York City College of Technology. Just a pit stop on my way up!...up to where you may ask...well we will just have to wait and see! So Hopefully I will start posting more and commenting more now that Im here but anyway i gotta run b4 im late to work!
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[04 Jun 2006|11:12pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well my readers....my little hiatus is almost over.... Just give me til about Thursday I should be back commeting strong. It's really hard..I miss my mommy so much. i just have to learn how to cope.

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[23 May 2006|02:54pm]

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[22 May 2006|05:54pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hello to all my journal readers sad to say that I have alot of homework to do. So I will not be commenting on any of ur journals for the next three days. I'm sad to say *tear* . WhenI come back my journal will be friends only! YAY! finally I'll have enough time to do it. well I must be off I'm getting graded Wedensday. And alot of back assignments to get done. Byez!!

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ARGHH [26 Apr 2006|04:17pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Today was a half day, that means only 3 and a half hours of school for me !! Yay!!... But now for safety reasons, since Aquaculture kids only have four classes, we dont have to come becasue some us live farther than others so, and on half days for us we have to talk home at 10:30 , becasue everyone else doesnt leave until 1:10. But anyway they started this new crap, if u are in more than 2 honors classes, u have to take main classes. So everyday we go through our scehdules and then someone will come and get us, or they will annouce it over the intercom "Main classes begin for...at his time today" Its a bit confusing, but anyway. I never had a main class on half days..I was unsure if they would anncue it today. They did really early... we got into 1st period , I sat down and got comfortable..."Main classes have started already" I didnt knwo and i didnt know what room i as in today. But me and this other r always in the same class , so i just went with her. and the class of the day is...... World History!!! usually it is not that bad but...then again it is a half a day becasue of conferences...And u know that had to be the day that teachers decide not to show up and the teachers that are here r really busy. So my usual class has 3-5 kids in it. this quickly became the class with 47 kids in it, with the kids that care more about whos about to fight, and the new nikes, and she said this he said that, I'm going to call her now I hope u get the picture...but yet they cant barely read actual english,and do addition of subtraction they speak crack head LOL. They spend more time worrying about things that won't really help them in there lives....I'm going to stop here before I get nasty.. LOL. I'm really mad now. They said since there r so many kids without teachers adn we should be nice and let them come in here with with. Also since they r on different learning levels then us, we couldnt do much work. So they decided that we should watch a movie. Althought I came prepared to do work, I'm not one to argue to watching a movie. We watched " We were soldiers" a movie about the Vietnam war.
Then we have to write an essay on it. The movie wasnt that bad at all the begining was a little disturding... as it opened the amrican soldiers were kinda taking a break in there trench, all of a sudden one guys gets blood splattered all over his face and the guy next to him. He starts touching his head and looking at the blood... and keeps touching his head as lots more blood starts to drip... everyone is like what just happened , like a minute later the idiot finally falls hits the ground. That whole I'm not dude u just got shot in the head, how long is it going to take u to figure that out. LOL! then u hear a lot of shots beinging fired form the vietnamiese people, and americans go donw faster than u can count. So the guy on the american side trys to sound the horn to alert that they r under attack , gets shot right in the middle of his throat as he is trying to blow..ooch! And this is all happening really fast. But over all past that the movie had some boring and dull moments, but still good in all it's historic goodness. It takes a strong man, to go to war and leave his family and know that ur chances of seeing them again adn coming back alive r very very small. The Vietnam war lasted from 1964-1975. That was alot of dead amricans. It almost made me cry after watching all those men die, and think that really happened. Keri Russell, Chris Klein, and Mel Gibson were in it. Mel Gibson did well, although he has alot of these sort of movies on his resume.
Hall the class wasn't paying attention. The following are the people who were " Myself, Jonathon (My friend from honors, come everyday, adn really smartm he wants to be a pilot when he gets older, he sits next to me everyday), The Chris Brown look alike, 2 random puerto rican boys, one of them I think is puerto rican I cant really tell becasue he looks white... tryed to act puerto rican and trys to dress like a black guy, So i jsut asuume he going through a racial crisis and a bladder problem. And most of the guys were passin notes and text messaging.

Lunch sucked as usual. That's about it for my school day...

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It's been awhile [20 Apr 2006|10:09pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I'm bored, I haven't updated in awhile. Nothing exciting has happened for my vacation. I've been home...cleaning my room and walking my dog...oh wait my one visit to taco bell was nice. I helped my aunt move into her new apartment in Ansonia. I talked to Lauren and Bianca on the phone. IMed a few people here and there. Boring..fat me....all  I'll ever be.

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[09 Dec 2005|06:25am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YAY!!!! NO FREAKIN SChool , finally the first official snow day. The names of the schools thatnr highlights r the schools that concern me or my friends that closed in our area

Congrats To all Students...HAVE Fun

Amity Regional School District #5 is closed today due to the weather. All offices are also closed.

12/09/2005 05:20 Ansonia Public Schools Cancelled <<<Ex-boy friend Devin and cousin...
12/09/2005 05:26 Ashford Public Schools Cancelled
School offices are closed also.

12/09/2005 06:07 Berean Christian Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:00 Bethany School District Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:59 Bethel Public Schools Cancelled <<<< Close friend Tannashea
12/09/2005 05:13 Bloomfield Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:29 Bozrah Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:38 Branford Public & Parochial Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:51 Brewster NY Schools + Melrose & St. Lawrence Schools Cancelled
All Schools Closed 12/09/2005 05:23 Bridge Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:45 Bridgeport International Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:08 Bridgeport Public Schools Cancelled <<<<< ME!
12/09/2005 05:18 Brookfield Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:02 Canterbury Public Schools Cancelled
Closed 12/09/2005 05:13 Canton Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:46 Carmel School & St. James, Carmel, NY Cancelled
Carmel Schools including St.James Closed 12/09/2005 05:51 Cathedral Education Cluster Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:22 Cheshire Public Schools Cancelled
The Cheshire Public Schools are closed today 12/09/2005 05:23 Christian Heritage School Cancelled
Christian Heritage School will be closed today, <<<<< some people i know and my future school!

12/09/2005 05:26 Clinton Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:29 Convent of the Sacred Heart Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:20 Cooperative Educational Services (CES), Trumbull Cancelled
Schools and offices are closed today 12/09/2005 05:16 Coventry Public Schools Cancelled
Coventry Public Schools will be closed today, Friday 12/9/05 12/09/2005 06:10 Crossroads School, Brewster, NY Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:33 Ct Center for Child Development Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:28 Danbury Public and Parochial Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:58 Darien Public Schools Cancelled
All schools closed. All elementary conferences are rescheduled for next Friday. 12/09/2005 06:00 Derby Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:47 Eagle Hill School, Southport Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:29 East Haddam Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:20 East Lyme Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:01 Easton Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:47 Ezra Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:39 Fairfield Country Day School Cancelled <<<<< Little spoiled kids that i used to baby sit
12/09/2005 05:36 Fairfield Prep Cancelled <<<< Tavvone Reid and a bunch of other boys
School is cancelled 12/09/2005 05:29 Fairfield Public Schools Cancelled
Offices will open at 9:30 a.m. 12/09/2005 05:38 Feroleto Center School Cancelled
12/09/2005 06:09 Gateway Community College Cancelled
Morning Classes cancelled; staff reports at 11:00 A.M. 12/09/2005 05:17 Giant Steps CT School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:26 Granby Public Schools Cancelled
Granby Public Schools will be closed today, Friday, December 9 due to the snow storm. The early release day and parent conferences scheduled for today in grades K-6 will be held on Tuesday, December 13. Drive safely and have a good weekend! 12/09/2005 05:35 Greens Farms Academy Cancelled
Closed 12/09/2005 05:53 Greenwich Academy Cancelled
Greenwich Academy is closed today, December 9, 2005. The Winterfest 2005 concert will be held as scheduled tonight. If there is any change, we will announce it on our web site http://www.greenwichacademy.org. 12/09/2005 05:12 Greenwich Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:25 Griswold Public Schools including St. Mary's Cancelled
Griswold Public Schools are closed today. Offices will be open. 12/09/2005 05:30 Groton Public Schools Cancelled
Groton Public Schools - No School, Friday Dec. 9 12/09/2005 05:11 Hendrick Hudson NY School District Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:47 Hopkins School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:32 Hudson Country Montessori School, Danbury Cancelled
Hudson Country Montessori School will be closed today due to weather. 12/09/2005 04:44 Katonah-Lewisboro School District Cancelled
All Katonah-Lewisboro Schools are closed. 12/09/2005 05:52 King & Low-Heywood Thomas School Cancelled
King Low-Heywood Thomas is closed today, Friday, Dec 9 12/09/2005 05:33 Kolbe Cathedral High School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:25 Landmark of Ridgefield Academy, Redding Cancelled
Have a nice weekend 12/09/2005 05:28 Landmark of Ridgefield Academy, Westport Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:21 Lauralton Hall Cancelled <<<<< Random Girls i dont feel like making them feel special by putting there name up here
12/09/2005 05:21 Ledyard Public Schools Cancelled
There will be no school on 12/9/2005 due to the weather. 12/09/2005 05:29 Linguataal International Cancelled
LINGUATAAL INTERNATIONAL, Customized Foreign Language Program. 755 Main Street Monroe. All classes are cancelled Today. Stay warm and be careful! 12/09/2005 05:14 Litchfield Public Schools Cancelled
Friday, December 9 - Litchfield Public Schools are closed 12/09/2005 05:11 Madison Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:44 Mahopac Central School District, NY Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:07 Maimonides Academy of Western Ct. Cancelled
Maimonides Academy will be closed today due to the Winter Storm. 12/09/2005 05:14 Manchester Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:40 Mansfield Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:21 Melrose School Cancelled
Note: SSAT testing is still scheduled for Dec. 10th. This will be re-evaluated Friday evening. 12/09/2005 05:15 Middletown Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:28 Milford Public Schools Cancelled <<<<< Johnathon , Kristina...... All the Milford kids that love me so dearly.. lol
The Milford Public Schools will be closed Friday, December 9, 2005 12/09/2005 05:17 Mizzentop Day School, Pawling NY Cancelled
MDS is CLOSED - Friday, Dec. 9th - No Afterschool activities. 12/09/2005 05:04 Monroe Public Schools Cancelled
The Monroe Public Schools will be closed today. 12/09/2005 05:45 Montessori Community School, Brookfield Cancelled
12/09/2005 06:00 Montessori Discovery School, Norwich Cancelled
Friday, December 9, 2005. Montessori Discovery School is closed today. 12/09/2005 05:50 Montessori School of Greater Hartford Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:12 Montville Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:24 Naugatuck Valley Community College
Naugatuck Valley Community College will be closed all day. There will be no classes held. Essential personnel only to report. 12/09/2005 05:10 New Beginnings Family Academy (Charter School) Cancelled
There will be NO Saturday class tomorrow. 12/09/2005 06:11 New Canaan Country School Cancelled
Closed, today Friday, December 9. 12/09/2005 05:13 New Canaan Public Schools including St. Aloysius Cancelled
The New Canaan Public Schools will be closed today, Friday, December 9th 12/09/2005 05:20 New England School/Montessori Cancelled
New England School of Montessori will be closed today due to serious weather conditions. 12/09/2005 05:07 New Fairfield Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:10 New Milford Public Schools Cancelled
New Milford Schools are closed today. 12/09/2005 05:15 Newtown Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:08 North Stonington Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:57 Norwalk Community College
Closed 12/09/2005 05:30 Norwalk Public Schools Cancelled
All schools including All Saints Catholic are closed. 12/09/2005 04:59 Norwich Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:06 Notre Dame Catholic High School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:22 Old Saybrook Public Schools Cancelled
Old Saybrook Public School is closed due to the storm. Please drive safely and have a great weekend. 12/09/2005 05:17 Orange Elementary Schools Cancelled
Schools are closed - Friday, December 9, 2005 12/09/2005 04:26 Our Montessori School, Yorktown & Carmel, NY Cancelled
Closed with Snow Angel Service 12/09/2005 04:41 Pawling NY Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 06:03 Pear Tree Point School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:19 Phoenix Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:37 Plainville Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:02 Redding Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:18 Region 11- Parish Hill High,Chaplin,Hampton & Scotland Elem Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:00 Region 12- Washington, Roxbury Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:59 Region 15- Middlebury/Southbury Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:59 Region 16- Prospect, Beacon Falls Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:17 Region 17- Haddam-Killingworth Cancelled
All classes for Regional School District 17 are cancelled for Friday, December 9, 2005. Please drive carefully. 12/09/2005 05:43 Region 19- E.O. Smith High School Cancelled
All evening activities cancelled as well. 12/09/2005 05:20 Region 7- Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford, Norfolk Cancelled
Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford, Norfolk and Northwestern Regional will be closed today 12/09/2005 05:19 Region 9- Joel Barlow High School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:58 Regional School District No. 6 Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:50 Ridgefield Academy Cancelled
12/09/2005 04:51 Ridgefield Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:34 Seymour Public Schools Cancelled
Seymour Public Schools will be closed today, Friday, December 9, 2005, due to inclement weather. 12/09/2005 05:16 Shelton Public Schools Cancelled
All Shelton public and parochial schools will be closed today, Friday 12-9-05. Please drive carefully. <<<< Ana Banana , Brian, Jessica M, Jessica L , Lucas (my hoe) lol yea all u Shleton people who i didnt metion becasue i was to lazy this early in the morning to write ur name.

 12/09/2005 05:03 Sherman Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:22 Six to Six Magnet School, Bridgeport Cancelled <<<< Yea u know who r hefers!
We are closed today. Have a nice weekend 12/09/2005 05:25 South Windsor Public Schools Cancelled
All schools are closed today, Friday December 9, 2005. All school activities are cancelled. 12/09/2005 05:12 Southington Public Schools Cancelled
Southington public and parochial schools, all evening classes, all extra-curricular activities and all out-of-town transportation are cancelled. 12/09/2005 05:24 St. Joseph High School, Trumbull Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:49 St. Peter School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:52 St. Vincent's College
No Morning Classes 12/09/2005 05:38 Stafford Public Schools Cancelled
Friday, December 9, 2005
No school today 12/09/2005 05:43 Stamford Public Schools Cancelled
All schools closed today 12/09/2005 05:18 Stratford Public and Parochial Schools Cancelled
The Bunnell High School performance of Feiffer's people has been cancelled also. Tonight's tickets can be used for the Saturday or Sunday matinee at 2:30. 12/09/2005 05:39 SUNY New Paltz 1 hour delay ..... oh god must i go through this list... If u attend a stratford school and know me... just know that u belong on this list.
Administrative offices will open at 9:30 a.m. Classes that start before 9:30 a.m. are cancelled. 12/09/2005 06:12 The Long Ridge School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:45 The Mead School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:33 The Montessori School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:05 The University School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:33 Trumbull Public Schools Cancelled <<<< JOSHY!!!!!! and Kathy, Dale and the rest of the Trumbull Bitches that i dont know , I hope ur dumbasses had fun talkin about me Wednesday...becasue u did get reported becasue i never said anything to u , u didnt even know my name... u just had a good laugh , ahve a good laugh when u get suspended Monday...becasue i'm laughing HAHAHA...FUCK U!

ild Labs / Storrs Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:39 University of Bridgeport Cancelled
Day classes cancelled for today. 12/09/2005 06:00 Unquowa School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:39 Vernon Public Schools Cancelled
Friday, December 9, 2005. Vernon Public Schools are closed today due to the weather. 12/09/2005 05:28 Villa Maria Education Center Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:06 Waterbury Public Schools Cancelled
All Waterbury Public and Parochial Schools including Adult Education are closed today. 12/09/2005 05:21 Watertown Public Schools Cancelled
Friday 12/9/05, Due to the winter storm, Watertown Schools are closed today. 12/09/2005 05:32 West Hartford Public Schools Cancelled
All West Hartford Public Schools are CLOSED today, Friday, December 9. Offices are closed as well. 12/09/2005 06:18 Western Connecticut State University Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:13 Weston Public Schools Cancelled
Friday - December 9, 2005: All Weston Schools are closed for today. 12/09/2005 05:23 Westport Public Schools Cancelled
12/9/05. School is cancelled. Offices are closed. There are no after school or evening activities. 12/09/2005 05:37 Whitby School Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:39 Willington Public Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:10 Wilton Public and Parochial Schools Cancelled
12/09/2005 05:19 Windsor Public Schools Cancelled
All schools closed. Offices will be open. 12/09/2005 05:24 Woodbridge School District Cancelled
Closed 12/09/2005 05:22 Wooster School, Danbury Cancelled
All classes and activities, K - 12, cancelled today due to snow.

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Another day [14 Nov 2005|10:23am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I do thank god every day he keeps me alive and well , and to have all my close relatives safe and with me everyday...

The Count down till Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire contniues...as of now there is only 4 more days.It looks like it going to be a great movie, but then again all of the movies have been great so far, but hey are played out, we need a new one. My original plan was to go and see the midnight opening of the movie with one of my best friends. But Ana's mother doesnt really want her to be out that late on a school night. So since I am sucha  good friend I'll wait until later Friday after school.

Here is what my day was like , since i didnt go to school. Also note that I didnt go to sleep until 2 :30 my mom let me stay home.

2:00am-1:45pm - just waking up .... longest I have slep in awhile.

1:45-2:30 Finshed watching the rest of Star Wars 2: Attack of the clones

2:30 A thought enters my mind that I was suppost to clean the dining room and change the table cloth , ans also walk the dog before my mom gets home. So I finally get my lazy butt out of bed so I could get that stuff done. Lets skip ahead about 2:30 hours. I am now just about finished vacuming the dinning room . So i decide to put in the "Wedding date" , but I wasnt sitting down really focusing on the movie, I kept getting up anddoing things .( I dont remeber what those things were) . Next minute the movie was over , Do i dedcided to start it again. Then Ana called , she said she was sad becasue she hasnt seen me in a long time , we have so much fun together .Then we started talking about a bunch of stuff. I have watched the wedding date a million times , so much in fact that i know all the lines and such and such. But lately everytime I watch it is seems like its 15 minutes long. After it was over I put in " Big Fat Liar"  Then my mom came home she brought me some chicken nuggets . Then she went to take a nap becasue she wasnt feeling that well.. So I went back into my room ro watch my movie and chat on the computer.After that movie was over I put in Ice Princess . Then some time passed , my mom came to lay down on my bed until 9:00 becasue she had to take my aunt to work.. When she came back she ate dinner , then some Key Lime pie. Then she went back to sleep. And again I went back to my room to watch my movie and update my journal etc.

Another person to know add to my ex-friend list is Tiara becasue there was no reason for her to have said all there was no reason for her to have said all those things . 1 she called me a nobody. 2 she called me a liar 3 she called me a loser and a piece of s**t . 4 Then she said everyone had been very ahppy that i havent been at school . 5 then she said that I barely have any real friends, and the ones I do ahve are hanging by a thread or they just pity me etc. And my i note that I ahve not seen her in over a week and all I said was hi to her on the computer.


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Changed my mind.... [13 Nov 2005|10:52pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Changed my mind
Do you see me
I'm standing right here
Can you hear me
I'm screaming for you
You don't notice me
So I'll let one last tear fall for you

*Those were the words I used to think
Those were the voices screaming in my head
I used to try for your attention
Do anything to get it
But I changed my mind

I feel trapped inside my own heart
You've left me there
I cry and I cry but you won't save me
Nothing I can do
You've slammed the door and locked me out
Boy I miss you

*Those were the words I used to think
Those were the voices screaming in my head
I used to try for your attention
Do anything to get it
But I changed my mind

You have me so confused
You say one thing but act a different way
So many memories say that you cared
But you seem to be screaming you don't
I'm trying to understand it
But you won't let me see the truth

*Those were the words I used to think
Those were the voices screaming in my head
I used to try for your attention
Do anything to get it
But I changed my mind

Now that it's all over for me
You seem to be crawling back
I tried to talk to a friend of mine
And I could see you out of the corner of my eye
Shooting dirty looks at his back
Just for talking to me
Well cut it out I don't need your jealousy

*These are the words I'm thinking
This is my voice screaming at you
I don't want your attention
Do anything to make it go away
This is it boy I've made up my mind

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DEGRASSI!!!!!!!! [30 Dec 2004|12:58pm]
You're just like Paige! You know how to work
what you got, and have no shame in showing it
off. You are honestly a good person, but many
people cant see that through your persona.

Which Degrassi Girl Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [28 Dec 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | determined ]

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY HILARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to get the CD later after school!!!!!!

School wasn't so good today. I'll give more detail on that later but let's just have a few moments to celebrate Hilary's Birthday and all her accomplishments throughout this past year...

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I've been sorted [15 Sep 2004|09:43pm]
i&apos;m in hufflepuff!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

i&apos;m in hufflepuff!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

i&apos;m in hufflepuff!
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mmmm......... [13 Sep 2004|05:13pm]
You Are C. Montgomery Burns!

Evil, wealthy tycoon. Excellent!

Favorite Quote: Do my worst, eh? Smithers,
release the robotic Richard Simmons!

Which Simpsons' Character Are You?
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Colorbars [12 Sep 2004|07:48pm]

Keira Knightley is Love

Orlando Bloom is Love

Dance is Love

Chihuahuas are Loyal Love

Sailor Moon is Love

Finding Nemo is Love

Thirteen is Crazy Love
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I HATE ALL MALES!!! [25 Jul 2004|11:46pm]
They should be kept underground, and used only for breeding then put into eternal suffering so they can't cheat
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Harry Potter...awww... [23 Jul 2004|01:23am]

Emma Watson is love

Ron and Hermione is love

Harry and Hermione is love

Draco Malfoy is love

The Professor's

Hogwarts teachers is love
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!!! [23 Jul 2004|12:54am]

All-Stars are Love.

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